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    Created in 2009, INHUSOL ENERGY has been able to develop itself by being the partner of the largest international structures by reducing the financial, delivery and storage risks, in a very turbulent environment. On the strength of its experiences, INHUSOL ENERGY is one of the most efficient companies on its field of acitivity and a European leading company. INHUSOL ENERGY is present in all the European countries, and also in North Africa, South Africa,USA, Canada and Australia. « Provide to all our customers worldwide, besided top-quality photovoltaic systems, a notion of service, support and common development». Arnaud SOURDRILLE, CEO Its activity We supply distributors, fitters, engineering companies, private investors and also the investment funds in the renewable energies for all the purchases of HUAWEI inverters. We provide solutions for the photovoltaic industry. Our goal is to be among the best of the sector concerning punctual deliveries and the reliability of products. If in 2009, INHUSOL ENERGY was on the eveof its creation in Europe, today, at the begining of the year 2014, INHUSOL ENERGY is one of the first partners of HUAWEI in France and among the main in Europe. Its Strategy Our goal is to be among the best of the secotr in terms of delivery punctuality and the reliability of our products. INHUSOL ENERGY selects projects and does all the necessary technical, fiscal and regulatory pre-surveys for the feasibility of solar park. INHUSOL ENERGY maintains a network – deliberately limited - of solid and efficient landowner partners, photovoltaic design offices, fitters, roofers, carpenters, modules manufacturers, banks, for maintaining its deal flow, building plants, financing them managing them – for investors wishing it.



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