Christian Mancas

Christian Mancas

PDG, DATASIS ProSoft srl

En poste chez International WHO´S WHO of Proffessionals, DATASIS ProSoft srl, Universite Ovidius Constanta, Universite Polytechnique de Bucarest

Précédents : DATASIS Consult srl, I.I.R.U.C. Service SA




Chez International WHO´S WHO of Proffessionals

De 2006 à aujourd'hui
- Biography included in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World (2006, 1618, ISBN 0-8379-1136-2) and Who’s Who in Science and Technology (2006-2007, 1357, ISBN 0-8379-5767-2) - 1 published (ISBN 973-614-051-2) book (SQL Programming) and 2 in press, to be published by Ovidius University Press ...
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PDG et unique actionnaire

Chez DATASIS ProSoft srl

De 2002 à aujourd'hui
Design and implementation of extensions to VisualStock, a stock application of IER, France (a Bollore Group company member), using Opalix (for programming radio portable terminals), C, C++, Delphi, SQL Server, Oracle, as well as audio-video surveillance firmware and software for the French Digital ...
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Chez Universite Ovidius Constanta

De 1999 à aujourd'hui
Ph.D. Professor. Courses and labs on: - Conceptual Data and Knowledge Modeling and Querying (advanced Entity-Relationship, Relational, Functional, Elementary Mathematical, and Logical Data Modeling; inter-models translation algorithms, hierarchies, and equivalences; concurrency control, ...
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Proffesseur associé

Chez Universite Polytechnique de Bucarest

De 1977 à aujourd'hui
Associated Ph.D. Professor. Courses and labs on: - Operating Systems (Processes and Synchronization, CPU Scheduling, Deadlocks, Memory and Virtual Memory Management, File System Interface and Implementation, I/O Systems, applications to Windows 2003/Vista/XP and Red Hat Linux) in English. - ...
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Chez DATASIS ProSoft srl


PDG et co-actionnaire

Chez DATASIS Consult srl

De 1993 à 2002
Co-Founder and owner, C.E.O. Relational Data Bases; Design, Assembly, Configuration & Support of LANs, PCs, and Peripherals. Internet. IT consulting and post graduation courses. Intel e-Business Partner; Microsoft, Symantec, Novell, and AutoDesk authorized dealer. Design and implementation of ...
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Chef Recherche-Developement, Centre Informatique

Chez I.I.R.U.C. Service SA

De 1977 à 1991
Programmer, programming team leader, analysis and programming manager, and R&D manager. Compilers and Translators, Parser Generators, Relational Data Bases, Conceptual Data Modeling, Object Oriented DBMS.